That’s what I realized today. I used to have one password for everything until one account got hacked and then I had to change that up. Now, I’ve set my password to expire every 72 days on hotmail, I’m finding I have to reassign a mnemonic device every so often to help me remember my passwords, oh, and I’ve also forgotten every secret question and answer designed to help me protect my passwords.

Maybe it’s a sign we log in too much.

Maybe, I can’t remember cause I’m just getting old. 🙂

In this crazy crazy world, where we’re so concerned about who to let in and who to leave out, we’ve created systems to protect ourselves. However, what we don’t realize is that we’ve also increased our chances of locking ourselves out. There’s not always a password reset button at the ready. There won’t always be a second chance. 

Take risks, leave the gates open, tell the border guard to take a day off. Get to know your neighbours and give them a copy of your key in case you ever get locked out. Or introduce them to your pets so that in case of a fire, they’ll save them.